Site Redesign

I think I’ve finally figured out the problem that I have with not being able to ftp: Kaspersky antivirus software. (Recap: For several months I have been unable to access my, or anyone else’s, server via ftp. I can connect to the server as normal, I can go into any directory that only has a few files in it, but it times out when trying to access anything hefty, like my WordPress install directory.) I’d tried disabling it, of course, but didn’t realise that Kaspersky is never actually disabled unless you completely uninstall it, which is infuriating. The subscription has a few months to go, so I will have to make do in the meantime before I can switch back to Trend Micro. Making do means getting an ancient Windows 98 laptop connected to our network, and managing to get all the files across – a pain in the ass, but doable.

For a long time I’ve been wanting to split the site between artwork and blog, and make more of a feature of the art section. I use my various deviantART and Behance profiles as portfolios, but they’re obviously not optimal as a showcase to try and get a bit of work happening.

Because I really, really need to start bringing in some money. Phil brings in money from freelance copywriting, but it isn’t enough to pay the bills. Because my last place of employment was such a negative, costly experience and due to the fact that as an older woman in a predominantly male environment, I’m really going to struggle in trying to go back to web development or project management. We have another couple of months, and then the savings are gone…a scary place to be. But as always, we keep shovelling: networking, updating all of the various social media and networking sites, sending out emails, sending out CVs.

Anyway, the new site. Since the book that I’ve been working on is kind of a steampunk fairytale, I’m thinking a steampunk theme, homepage split between art and writing. I’m sticking with WordPress, of course – I think it is the best blogging and community software out there. I’m looking forward to a shiny new place to play. :)

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