Silly Buggers

Kip was turned out, off the lunge line, in the smallish “sick paddock” today. He was in heaven. Overall, he was pretty good, aside from right at the end when he started playing silly buggers and ran into the tiny gap of wire fencing that I hadn’t tied plastic streamers to (the downside of the sick paddock is that it has wire fencing along the back, where the trees and hedges are very thick, and nice wood fencing along the front and sides). He also kicked out one of the boards on the fence in front, which I was able to replace. *sigh* More energy than brains, I swear.

Still, his eye is much softer now, very relaxed and happy. He’s getting back to being his old self, and he is so very beautiful. Being hurt has made him a lot more reliant on me, as well; he’s never been a very affectionate horse, and now he is very touchy-feely. I like that – we’ve bonded.

Work again tomorrow. I could get QUITE used to having short weeks every week. Oh, well, back to reality. :(

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