Terribly slow connection tonight – broadband, my ass! I’m trying to get a new site up and running, and this is impossible.

I find it so difficult to work at night, after a day spent doing the same thing. I’ve lost the excitement, the honeymoon is over and ennui has set in. I’m not excited about what I’m doing anymore…and freelance work is getting VERY tough to do. Perhaps I just hate what I do during the day; I know I keep saying that I’ll look for another job. No more “Bums on seats…up here” (hand by head) “web development down here” (hand down at knee-level, indicating the level where worms and cockroaches live). Grrrr…BITE me.

I am being pulled so strongly by to my art. I need to find studio space to shoot in. (My digital work is created using photographs, usually shot in black & white). It’s been a very long hiatus, but I am so ready to come back.

Well, back to the radio station site. The one that I am doing as a favour to Phil. The site that is making me crazy.

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