Grrr…yet another kick in the teeth for players from EA/Bioware. Although everyone gets a month of free gametime as part of the game, you have to provide credit card details in order to play. Fair enough, but warn people. Having worked hard all morning writing SEO copy, I was looking forward to playing…and found that I was locked out because of the credit card issue and the now-nonfunctioning site.

I swear, this company is quickly becoming my Evil Overlord object of undying hatred due to the way that they have handled this launch. I mean, I was aware of EA’s horrible reputation – who isn’t? But I thought Bioware was ok.

I’m your average avid gamer, I follow Twitter accounts for devs and community managers and so on for the game. I read news on the official site, and the forums (painful though that is). I haven’t seen anything that said we were going to be locked out of our accounts unless we gave them our credit card details early. Personally, given the level of disregard that most sites treat our personal details with, I wait until the last minute to enter my credit card details. If I don’t end up subscribing, then my credit card details aren’t stored for you to give up to the first script kiddie hacker that manages to wander into your database.

Pro tip? Put that kind of thing on the loading screen. Tweet about it. Put it on the homepage of the site. Second pro tip? Have a working site.

So back to work. And in the meantime all of the mindless fanboys on teh Internets are making me crazy. I get it – you love the game. I love the game. But hopefully that shouldn’t turn you into a self-righteous, obnoxious prig. Just because a company made a game that you like playing doesn’t mean that they walk on water and fart sparkling clouds of fairy glitter. Sometimes they fail, and the people who point out said failure are not personally insulting you. Just sayin’.

/rant over.

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