Another day. Wheee.

I got my ass totally kicked for about an hour and a half yesterday in a conference call with the US office. There were a lot of things that they didn’t like about the site, some justified, some bullshit. They’ve had weeks to look at everything, and to raise all these changes now, the day before we were supposed to go live? Jesus God. Plus, they had faxed literally a 4 1/2″ high stack of price changes, and the person who was doing those missed a section. Of course, that was the first section they saw, and were screaming to high heaven about it. They want to change all of their promotions and landing page merchandising.

Plus, I spent a lot of time yesterday in HR explaining how the new web assistant/content coordinator is justified. The woman that I’ve had all the problems with (the one that I replaced, the one who could barely use FrontPage) took voluntary redundancy. Yesterday she tried to rescind that, with the condition that she didn’t want to work with me. She was (politely) told to piss off. So now we have to justify hiring someone when she was made redundant. I sat there and explained about the need for someone who can hand-code HTML, etc., who is familiar with Photoshop and databases, etc. Someone who can be a team player, not a whiner.

Anyway, off I go for another day of abuse. I am reminded of Michelle’s analogy of our jobs being like those rat experiments where, no matter what they do, they receive electric shocks and eventually end up curled into a ball in a corner of their cages. That is exactly what this is like.


Side note, with werewolves: The other night Phil and I watched Dog Soldiers. Kickass movie – go rent it.

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  1. wandringsoul

    Yes, Dog Soldiers was fun…especially the totally un-scripted-like dialogue…

    Great fun movie…

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