I seem to be doing that a lot lately, I certainly must stop.  :)

As I posted, I didn’t bother doing the usual first-kill screenshot of Illidan last night because I really didn’t feel a part of it. They’ve killed him before, and even though we wiped a couple of times last night, it was pretty much a sure thing. They had their first kill, and all of the work leading up to that moment, while I was gone…it wasn’t my accomplishment.

I really dislike people who leave lower-level guilds to join high-end guilds who have everything on farm. It’s an empty accomplishment, to be carried along by people who have earned the right to get there. It wasn’t why I came back to the guild, but I can’t help feeling a bit guilty and a bit meh.  Plus, even though I came back to play with old friends, the guild has changed. A lot of the same people are there, the lovely GM is still in place, the same assholes (tbh) are still there…but all interaction seems to be centred around the job at hand. They don’t socialise anymore, no one posts anything but holiday notices on the forums. I played most of one day this weekend without anyone saying anything in guildchat at all. It’s like they dropped all of the inessential things like joking and chitchat in order to re-form themselves into this hardcore raiding guild.

*sigh*  See?  I’m doing it again!  :P

Not much else to post about, since I seem to be suffering from those “monday morning after a week of vacation” blues. It’s hot, and after going through all of my mail, there wasn’t a lot that needed doing. I hate being bored at work.  Being bored means that there isn’t any new business, which means that we are still on very shaky ground.


/slaps self

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  1. I used to find similar experiences – and I was a guild leader. I only play casually, but the guild was going strong. Each weekend I would be there and by the end of the weekend there would be lots of shout outs, but the next Friday when I logged in, it was a chat wasteland.

    Hope all goes well for you.

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