Not the best of days. Last night I was at the stable until late with Kip, who had been kicked in pasture on one of his front legs, resulting in a long scrape that removed a hand-span’s worth of skin and hair, and a deep gash requiring six staples. The vet, who was new to the practice, was obviously nervous about him (possibly because he’s just so damn big), and gave him an overdose of sedative. It was 45 minutes before he woke up enough to walk back into the stall. Poor baby.

Very busy day today. I’ve been putting out fires right and left, to mix cliches, and I’m just about tapped out tonight. There is just too much to do. If we miss the go-live date, however, it WON’T be because of me, or anyone who works with me. Sooo much to do.

Sorry – this is pretty incoherent. I think I’ll have to start again tomorrow. I need to start taking lunches; at least I can update during lunch.


5 thoughts on “*sigh*”

  1. Oh no! Poor Kip! Poor you! I hope things settle down soon. My fingers are crossed for you to meet all your deadlines. I know it’s been a long boring slog for you. I know you’ll be so proud when it finally does go live and you get to start tweaking the hell out of it!

    I hope you get a well deserved rest tonight. :)

  2. *big hug*

    Hey honey, would you like to come meet up for coffee sometime this weekend? Either solo for a good ole chat or bring the ‘other one’ along if you like. :)

    (Just heard about the ‘weirdness’ that is LJ stalking. *BIG hugs*)

  3. Wonderful offer – thank you! *bounce* Not this weekend, as I’m right in the middle of the last two weeks of sheer hell, but after that would be great. I’d like to come and watch you dance sometime, actually – you’ll have to let us know so we can come and put you off by wolf-whistling very rudely. :)

    Hey, I still want to rent the house in France for a week, remember. *dreaming of wine, cheese and sunshine*

  4. Oooh… week in France. You do know how to fuel a girls dreams. Although, Ireland is another fab option. :)

    Just let me know when you’re thinking about. After the costs with the car, I may need to wait to save for anything like that. :) Let me know when a drinkie is in order. :)

    Actually, there’s two troupe performances booked for this year so far. No dates just yet. I know one is in July and the other is August. :) More details later. :)

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