So Friday and Saturday there were Affiliated dressage classes at the barn, Sunday unaffiliated, and today there were showing classes. Grrrr…tons of spoilt children on overfed ponies. AND mummies lungeing the shit out of the over-grained little monsters. I finally gave up and put the Lizard away.

I need to arrange a trip home as soon as I can; I am very, very worried about my youngest sister. Even my mother has finally admitted that theres’ not much hope, and my sister is getting tired of all of the pain and hospital visits and always having someone there to care for her. My brother-in-law is proving not up to the task of having a very ill wife; one of my other sisters told me that he dropped her off in the hospital underground parking lot and left. As she was trying to make her way up to the hospital floors above, she had an attack (she ends up in the emergency room on a regular basis, with crucifying total-body spasms and burning in all her nerves and muscles). I feel so miserable for her. People say that they would switch places with a loved one who is ill, and believe me, if any of us could, we would – even if it would just give her a short respite from all the pain.



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