Agghhh…I have the flu. Horrible timing, as usual.

Phil dropped me off at the stable on his way to work, and I got Kip cleaned up and ready for the vet. I’ll spare you all the description. *s* Let’s just say that the poor boy is not very happy right now. I stopped by the stable tonight on my way back to make sure that he wasn’t bleeding, and he had this bewildered look like “What happened? The man gave me a shot, and I was feeling really great, watching the swirly patterns on the walls, and then I wake up and OMIGOD it hurts! What did you DO to me? By the way…I think my NUTS fell off!”

I went on a good job interview tonight, for an ecommerce company looking for a web developer/designer. Almost exactly the same job I had back in the States, actually, so it would be perfect. And £10,000 MORE than I make now. *niiiiiice* So I am keeping my fingers crossed. I have no feeling about how well I did, actually, although it seemed to go well. I’ve been out of things for almost two years, and I was difficult to slip back into discussions of conversion rates, etc. Well, wish me luck – it would be an exciting opportunity.

And I didn’t whoops all over the conference room table in front of three total strangers, which I was very thankful for. My head hurt so badly that his voice seemed to be getting softer and then louder, and I was having trouble taking everything in. Hopefully I didn’t seem like a total idiot.

Anyway, I am off back to bed…my eyes feel like raisins, and I think if I take any more ibuprophen I’ll OD. Good night, all.

2 thoughts on “Sick”

  1. Hope you have your hot toddy in hand:) Get well soon and good luck with the job.
    ‘eyes like raisins’ I’ll have to remember that next time I go to use my lovely expression of ‘eyes like pissholes in the snow’

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