Short Weekend

Not enough time for everything we planned to do this weekend. Phil is playing Warcrack and hasn’t put the multi gym together. *pout* After he does that, I need to clean the rats’ cage, do more laundry, and work on the damn Christmas card that I promised for Phil’s work.

We bought a horse trailer today. :) It’s quite large, and in very good condition; they’d bought it on eBay, replaced the floor, tires, electrics, etc., and then found found that her horse wouldn’t back out of it (it’s an older, rear-unloading model). *bounce*

Phil bought some ale for a beef casserole that he wanted to cook tonight, and I bought a bottle of Banana Bread Beer. I’m not a beer drinker at all, but I was intrigued by the name. It really smells of banana bread…tastes a bit of it, as well. Other than that, I couldn’t tell if it was any good or not, because I really don’t like beer. I’ll see if Lizzie likes it.


I don’t want to go to work tomorrow. :(

2 thoughts on “Short Weekend”

  1. dryadmeagenn

    The Banana Bread Beer sounds intriguing–but not for me. I’ve got a friend, River, that loves Banana Bread and beer–he’d probably think it’s heaven-sent! LOL. What is the brand name? I’m wondering if it is possible to get some here in the U.S….?

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