Shiny New Year

Best wishes for a wonderful 2009 to you all.

2008, for me, was a time of letting go. Work was one obvious thing, as a two-year project died. But there were other things that fell away, as well – I sold my insane-but-lovable Thoroughbred mare (it was always a tossup if we would have a productive session, or would she freak out and finally kill me). We found a home for our remaining giant African rat, and in doing so reclaimed our front room. Our last ferrets died, one of old age and one of cancer. I’ve more or less stopped raiding, as I am no longer prepared to spend every night playing. We haven’t had a dinner party in ages, or travelled, or spent vacation time somewhere other than in our own house.

So, I am hoping to rebuild in the coming year…not making the same mistakes (hopefully), but using the space and cleared ground to build something new. A new job will be a priority, and hopefully I’ll be able to find something that will be challenging and fun. I want to travel. I want to spend more time with friends, and make new ones. I want to learn new things…I’ve been thinking about martial arts classes, perhaps aikido. And I want to do a lot more new art.

So I shut the door on 2008, not to forget everything that happened, but to learn from it, and move on. I am so ready to move on.

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