Shiny New Year

If I waited much longer, I would have had to do one of those “not dead” posts. The only thing that I’ve posted for ages is cover reveals.

We finally got some snow here – I was worried that we’d not see snow at all this winter. It was a perfectly polite snowfall which fell heavily for a couple of days and then vanished in the rain, leaving little trace. On the worst night of snow we’d gone to visit Phil’s grandfather in the hospital and drove back in a blizzard – huge flakes of snow combined with drifts of snow being blown horizontally off the fields. Thank goodness for the 4×4, which got to be useful at least once this winter.

Aside from that, it’s been work. I’ve been lucky to have the chance to work on some very different, all very interesting projects, with more to come. Sometimes when I think back on my 9to5 corporate hell, I want to pinch myself. Actually, I don’t – I would hate to actually wake up and find that it had all been a dream.

We recently did something that I swore I would never do…resubbed to Warcraft for a month or so. We’ve been having a blast with an unexpected activity…pet battles. I totally didn’t expect that part of the game to be as involving as it is. I love it.

All in all, the new year has started well. (Knock on wood quickly to avoid jinxing myself.)

3 thoughts on “Shiny New Year”

  1. Glad that your year started well! I’m looking forward to your pre-designed covers–I’m really interested to see what you will do without authorial constraints!

  2. I’ve been itching to start a couple of those! I know what I want to do for the first few, I just haven’t had any breathing room.

  3. Being buried in paying work is a double-edged sword, isn’t it? Hope you can squeeze in some time for the covers soon. :)

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