Shania Twain

I just remembered something that I’ve been meaning to tell the folks back home. Shania Twain is really popular here. You see her on Top of the Pops all the time, and her songs are always on the radio. I don’t think she’s really seen as being a country artist, or even a crossover artist. She’s just a popular pop singer. Amusing.

Also, I’ve been meaning to tell Andrew that Hyundais, like his, are everywhere. And they’re a LOT more expensive than they are there. We have a lot of cars here that you never see at home. Ford Kas are ubiquitous (did I manage to spell that correctly?), and there are interesting cars like Smart cars. Nissan, Ford, Toyota, Honda all have cars that they don’t sell in the states.

I know I’m waffling. Ok, fine, I’ll go back to work.

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  1. I was just reading an article on her recently. How strange is that?

    The gist of it was that she is indeed is more of a pop star than a country artist (esp. outside the US) and that she looks at singing purely as a job and though she doesn’t particularly enjoy performing, she does it to make a living.

    Whether one likes or dislikes the music she does, it was kind of refreshing to not hear “Oh… it’s all about the music, man” when you know damn well it’s not.

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