shameful admission of geekhood

Best thing I read today, from Syp at Bio Break:

I just love how frequently and without much debate do Starfleet captains go ahead and trigger the self-destruct sequence on their ships.  It’s like, “Wow, I’m having a really bad day. Maybe if I use my position of unbridled power and start the self-destruct sequence, then cancel it with about 10 seconds to go, it’ll make me feel better. Always fun to watch the crew run around and wet themselves in fear, for sure.”


This is where I make my confession about how much of a geek I was/am. Not “I’m a geek” in that cool, I’m-an-internet-multimillionaire-from-my-university-tech-startup kind of way, but in the totally uncool highschool pariah way. Ok, to be fair I wasn’t a social pariah – I went to a highschool that was unusual in that you could be a member both of the choir and the school band and STILL be a cheerleader. But anyway…I was a total Star Trek geek as a preteen/teen. As in I knew every episode by heart and I even bought the novelisations. As in the fact that my very first sexual fantasies were about Mr. Spock.

Holy crap, did I just admit that in front of God and Teh Internets and everyone?  It’s all downhill from here…

“I’ve become largely disillusioned with the world of Trek, which hasn’t met a deflector dish they couldn’t reconfigure to shoot My Little Ponies out of if the script calls for it.”

*snork*  Still amused by Syp’s post. Plus I wanted to change the subject away from my adolescent infatuation with intelligent, sarcastic, emotionally unavailable people. (Did I just say “adolescent” infatuation? I’m such a damned liar!)

I am very much looking forward both to Star Trek Online and SWTOR…in spite of the IP that each is based on. Don’t get me wrong, I was a huge fan of each. But I’m looking forward to each because I’m excited about non-fantasy-based  games that (in the case of Star Trek) combine ship combat in space with being able to move around planetside and also fight on foot. The IP just seems a bit restricitve. Then again, I’m a big fan of a deep lore system in games, and both games would be rich in lore and backstory.

Besides, Vulcans are just so damned sexy…

5 thoughts on “shameful admission of geekhood”

  1. Good day Ravven,

    So its the ears… isn’t it? xD

    You say “non-fantasy-based games”, really?
    Always thought that when i grow up Trek would be a reality, at least the beginning of it. I’m disappointed…

    So I’ve never heard of STO, but thanks to your post and some googling, found that the game sounds lovely although hard to achieve on game dynamics, must be huge. :)

    Elfs are sexy too, they must be related…

  2. Ears seems to be the key. I am not a furry, but cat ears, mhmhm *blurry eyes*
    Ekhm, what I was about to say?
    Agreed, I never liked games/productions bending and twisting existing well-known lore. Although I must say, that seeing Gandalf or Aragorn in LOTRO wasn’t game shattering to me as I was afraid it will be.

  3. Yes, it seems that we could be MUCH farther along in terms of making space travel a reality than we are. I was (and to an extent still am) a huge fan of science fiction literature.

    TFM: I agree about the cat ears thing. :) I looked at the main search terms for this blog once, and “furry mmo” was way up there. Scary. “aion slut” was as well, which is very scary since I’m quite sure that I’ve never written about Aion sluts.

    People are weird…

  4. too bad, i came in looking for aion slut… you sure you dont…?
    nice snow effect, i have the same blog theme, how did you get that?

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