As I’ve written before, I’m really in love right now with my baby troll rogue. She just hit level 19, and I’m going to keep her there for a while for twink pvp. She doesn’t actually count as a twink, of course, since (although I’ve tried to buy the best gear that I could) I haven’t spent close to a thousand gold on high-level enchants.

See The Many Realms of Relmstein for a good account of twinking level 19 rogues for pvp:

Here’s an idea of what the Rogues were using in the 19 BG:

Head: 150 Engineering Goggles with 100hp item enchant
Shoulders: Serpent’s Shoulders from Lady Anacondra (WC)
Chest: Blackened Defias Chestpiece from VanCleef (DM) with 100hp enchant
Pants: Leggings of the Fang from Commander Cobra (WC) with 100hp item enchant
Shoes: Boots of the Lynx from the AH with minor runspeed enchant
Bracer: Forest Leather Wristguards from the AH with +9sta enchant
Gloves: Level19 Gloves of the Monkey with +7agi enchant
Back: Sentry Cloak from AH with +70AC enchant
Belt: Deviate Hide Belt from Leatherworker
Ring1: Bloodstone Ring
Ring2: Seal of Wrynn from Quest
Weapon1: Assassin’s Blade or Cruel Barb with +15agi or +5 Weapon Dmg enchant
Weapon2: Cruel Barb with +15agi enchant

lol…not a hope. Ridiculous to spend that much on a level 19 twink.

Anyway, I absolutely loooooove pvp on Horde side. We win. All the time. It’s nice to win. It’s frustrating to play with a bunch of Alliance noobs who run off to die every which way. Hey, call me shallow…but everyone likes being on the winning side. On one WSG battleground, we took two flags quickly, and then the flag carrier just held onto the flag for ages while everyone farmed HKs. For ages. I played two battlegrounds, and ended up with 140-something kills. It was sweet.

This is what I learned:

1. Everyone stick together.
2. Avoid the guy with glows emanating from every orifice, as he has been twinked and enchanted to the hilt.
3. Stick together. That’s it.

This is what I love about this game: after an afternoon spend wiping over and over again on Princess Huhu in AQ40, I can go and do something completely different, and have a blast.

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