Servers Down

Hmph. Well, on the bright side, I have played a lot of Warcraft this weekend. Cryptic is staying mum on what the problem actually is, and that is disappointing. I hadn’t realised until I played Aion how much really terrible customer service affects my enjoyment of a game. I got the feeling that NCSoft cared nothing for their players, and respected them not at all, and Cryptic is going the same way.

That said, if I worked for them I would hate and despise every one of the players who are currently venting on the forums. The threads about the servers being down go on for hundreds of pages. And you wonder WHY I’m antisocial?  Why I hate grouping with people I don’t know? People are horrible, immature and mean.

But you know…I agree with one thing. It would have been nice to actually play this weekend.  :(

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  1. No plug intended but I just put up a largish post about this on my blog. I don’t understand why companies can’t learn from the mistakes of others. The MMO genre is doomed to mediocrity if they don’t step it up.


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