Secret World Temptations

Hmmn….this is tempting.  If I re-sub to Age of Conan, there is a promotion running that offers:

  • 3-month sub: Beta access to The Secret World
  • 6-month sub: Beta access + in-game helmet that boosts experience gain by 10%
  • 12-month sub: Beta access + helmet + a free copy of Conan expansion Rise of the Godslayer

I would really, really like to be able to play in the beta of The Secret World.  But I’ve been thinking about resubbing to EVE, as well. What is a (poor) girl to do?  I’d play Dragon Age if I could wrest the game from P’s hands, but I would probably have to kill him and stick him underneath the floorboards in order to be able to have a turn.

Decisions, decisions…murder, going back to my Tempest of Set, or venturing back into New Eden.  Hmmmnnn….


Oh, my –  look what I just found in my spam folder:

Your level 41 , Dravven, awaits your return to Age of Conan!

Now you can play Age of Conan again for 14 days completely FREE of charge! This offer does not require any purchase as long as you act before November 27th, 2009. There are also some amazing rewards available to you if you purchase game time now!

I frickin’ love two-weeks-of-free-play offers.


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