Secret Messages and Living Dangerously

“Living Dangerously” meaning that we’re having power cuts right now, due to the crappy weather, so I may lose all of this. As if LJ doesn’t do that enough to me.

“Secret Messages” is a bit tongue-in-cheek, as they aren’t really secret, if you’re the person that they’re meant for. Such as: DJ: I’m sorry for not writing lately, been tired & stupid. But you’re right – Wolverine would kick Movie Eric’s ass, but not Book Eric. Book Eric rocked; they both were beautiful. and also Phil: just wanted to repeat what I said that night – thank you for being so good about the horse and the massive outlay of money (ongoing, I’m afraid) and time. I appreciate it very much..

Very blustery/rainy day today. Can I be naive and hope that this is the last of the winter storms?

If you thought a room full of females was noisy at the best of times, try having someone walk in with a baby in their arms. From the shrieks, you would have thought that someone just threw a bunny to a cage full of starving wolves. If you ever hear me acting like that, please shoot me in the head immediately.

I need a vacation. Preferably somewhere warm. With no computers.


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