Seasonal Silliness

Happy Christmas Eve to you all. I have been making little bags of sugar cubes, tied with Christmas ribbon and a tag that says “from Kipper” to put on the stall doors at the stable. lol…this feels so much like the cards and cookies that you need to do for your small child at school. I’ve quite enjoyed it. There were a lot of people at the stable who gave us cards, and I am absolutely terrible at names so I can’t do cards back, so I wimped and just did gifts “from Kipper.” lol…as if he cares, the greedy beast. :)

There was a fancy dress show at the stable, all the ponies and little girls done up in costumes and reindeer horns and tinsel. It was adorable, and I didn’t have a camera. I want to get a mobile phone that has a camera, so I’ll always have something with me.

After shopping at Safeway last night, though, I had lost most of my holiday spirit. I felt like Scrooge, wanting to snarl at everyone “Merry Goddamn Christmas! Now you can all fuck off ’til next year!” lol…

2 thoughts on “Seasonal Silliness”

  1. Cute cute cute! What a great idea! Pressies from Kipper. You clever girl you. Have a wonderful Christmas! *hug*

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