We finally got the patch installed, and I spent last night running around Eastern Plaguelands. Stormwind surprised me a bit when I first logged in, as it was very grey with low visibility – I thought that something was wrong with my display! I haven’t done any of the quests yet; that’s the plan for tonight.

I mainly just wandered around getting killed and chatting to someone in the guild all night…lol, I don’t think I’ve seen my armour all red since low levels. I was joking that my felhunter was embarrassed to be seen with me: “Oh, no, please don’t go out there again, you’re just going to die immediately and that is SO humiliating! Just rez at the graveyard and hearth, go kill rabbits in Goldshire or something.”

I need an icon like the LJ icon I’ve seen someone using (best icon ever), where their character is standing in front of the guardian spirit in the graveyard, and it says:

Player: BRB
Spirit: LOL

:) Perfect.

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