Schrodinger’s Delimma

I’m still playing the waiting game as far as getting a second biopsy (this one under anesthesia) done and also the gallbladder surgery. On the bright side, I am losing weight due to needing to be on a fat-free diet and also the fact that I get sick if I eat anything other than fruit, yogurt or toast. I eat a lot of toast with jam. :) On the decidedly dark side I can’t have alcohol or caffeine, which is a bad thing. If you know me, and you can imagine me living without either food group, then you have a better imagination than I do. And yes, I said food group.

Given that the NHS will finally allow me to a) find out what is wrong, and b) actually resolve it, within the next five years or so, I’ve decided to live as though everything is okay rather than agonise over it. Alternatively I could live as though everything is not ok, which has a different beneficial effect in that I don’t want to waste time. I’m going to make the best of what I have and start striking a few things off my bucket list.

The bucket list is a smaller affaire than it used to be. I’ve kind of crossed out any trips around the world, ditto anything involving space flight. I probably won’t own a Friesian, neither will I finally grow the balls necessary to try three day eventing. I’m not going to run with the bulls.

I do want to see Ireland. I know that I’ve lived in the UK for over a decade, but it was important to me to go to Ireland the first time with my family (my sisters and my daughter). That’s not going to happen, so I am just going to go. I want to go to Morocco and stay for as long as I can, avoiding big hotels and so on. I want to see Egypt. Most of my bucket list involves travel, actually – if I ever won the lottery I wouldn’t buy a big house or expensive car, I would instead travel for the rest of my life. :)

Healthy or not. One year, five years, another fifty. Who knows? Anything is possible until you open the box.


(And yes, the umlaut in the title has been left off, as it caused errors. Too damned sick and tired to fix it, haha.)

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  1. Thank you, Patricia – that is very much appreciated. :) And yes, I’ve been researching things like going to Svalbard to see the Northern Lights. You can mush your own dogsled on the way to stay in an icebound schooner that has been turned into a hotel…how cool is that? :D

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