Saying Goodbye

Larisa at Pink Pigtail Inn had a farewell post which made me quite sad. She is no longer going to be keeping her excellent Warcraft blog, and is possibly anticipating a day when she will no longer be playing. (A point that we will all come to inevitably.) She wrote about how she would like to say goodbye to her character which actually made me tear up a tiny bit:

“I can already give you a glimpse from how it will end. It’s all planned. After giving away my gold I’ll take Larísa to a green meadow in Elwynn Forest. Her feet will be bare and she’ll wear nothing but a simple cloth robe, just like she did when she entered the world four years ago. Closing the circle.”

Gorgeously written, and I can very much relate to that. If I thought that I would never visit Kitsune again, I would have to take her back to a quiet corner of Azshara, back in the autumn woods where she always “lived”. Even though the area is a lot busier now than it was when I first got to know her, I still think she would like to be there with the falling leaves in drifts of red and gold all around her. Her old companion Ennui the armoured boar would be at her side. I would log her out on a hillside, looking out over a land which I have loved for so many years.


2 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye”

  1. Thank you for your kind words! And what a beautiful picture. It sounds like a lovely place for the final logout as well.
    To me I think it’s also a lot about the music. There is something in the one from Elwynn that always has soothened my mind. It will linger there, long after I’ve left the game.


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