One of the good things about working for an educational facility is that you get an awful lot of time off around the holidays, all paid. It is cheaper and more efficient to let all staff off for two weeks around the holidays than to heat the buildings. Woo hoo! One more week to go.

Data capture is now working on the site. The tech guys finally set the database permissions correctly, after many many emails. Idiots.

We’re playing paintball tomorrow, which should be fun (even though it’s raining). There’s a group of thirty-odd students and staff going, and Phil is going as well. He’ll probably make someone cry. ;) Paintball is great, a pure animal/physical testosterone blowout. Here’s a page that Phil did after a paintball day back in the states.

I have a second interview next week on the ecommerce job, and I really have my fingers crossed. I can’t take the mindlessness much longer. The problem with being so incredibly bored is that your mind starts to atrophy. I do nothing all day, and then the evening passes in a whirl of chores and work and going places, until I fall into bed exhausted. I have so much more energy when I’m challenged and working hard; I really love it. I can’t even work on personal work here, due to no ftp access and working in a busy staffroom with no privacy. :( I have a php book on my desk, which I haven’t had the privacy to open…we only use ASP here, being Microsoft serfs, so php is obviously personal work. *sigh* Wish me luck…

Only fifteen minutes left to go (I’m counting down), then I catch the bus, walk the mile or so down the extremely dark and scary road to the stable, clean and feed and handwalk poor Kipper (who has a swollen area the size of a football between his hind legs due to the castration), Phil will pick me up, and then home to do some more work on the radio station site.

Fun, fun, fun…

2 thoughts on “Satisfaction”

  1. wandringsoul

    I object to the ‘He’ll probably make someone cry’ statement.

    Is it my fault I’m half-decent shot??

    : )

  2. Looks like a fun time.. I miss the days of the old single shot guns you couldn’t straffe with though.. took a lot more effort and skill to take someone down….

    There are two broken links on the Yan and Dawn individual pics because the file names are in all caps instead of lower case… damn unix servers….

    I swear Yan looks familiar but these days far too many people look familiar…

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