Saga Continues…

We’re going to miss go-live by two weeks…perhaps more. Not wonderful, but at least not my fault. And I am very happy about having extra time to work on the many things that I need to. There are a thousand little display oddities and weirdnesses caused by trying for a heavily-CSS/some-tables-to-lay-out-product hybrid. The footer navigation, for instance, which should lay nicely on the bottom of the browser window. In CSS, of course, that becomes more difficult. I’m playing right now with relative vs. absolute positioning on all of the various divs, but if one area plays nicely, the rest run away and behave badly. *sigh*

I have some pics from the weekend that I’ll post sometime, gorgeous hills of bluebells and a fairytale wood, but I’ll have to work on them later.

Thank you, Phil, for being there for me through all of this mess. Thank you for not complaining when I went to bed at 9:00 last night, got up an hour later and then was cranky. :)

2 thoughts on “Saga Continues…”

  1. I did a new (small) site over the weekend using *only* CSS to lay it out. Looks great on Firefox and Mozilla, but MSIE just looks bad because it does CSS so badly. THe comparison of one site two browsers is striking!


  2. I know that developers always say that they have more problems with IE, but most of mine involve Mozilla. Strange. Only CSS is an ideal, and I think that this site will gradually migrate towards being a pure CSS site, rather than a hybrid site.

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