Sad Today

I get these bouts of depression (you probably already know that). Phil thinks that I should go and see a doctor, and perhaps he’s probably right. It feels like a physical thing: chemical imbalance, biorythmns, I don’t know. Part of it is undoubtedly stress and depression relating to the crap job and the house situation. But out of the blue, sometimes, I just sink into this dark pit. Very strange.

Everyone seems to have lost their will to work, following the absurd, so-called pay raises. Why should we put in that extra effort if we’re not going to be appreciated or rewarded for it? I hate working (and living) that way, however – it’s too damn boring, for one thing. I want challenge and excitement and applause for a job well done…and pay to match would be good.


I’m going to close this entry and start another. No more talk today about the job. (Even though it is rather like working for Phil, the Prince of Insufficient Light.) Enough.

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