Sad Times

The thought of the Constitution of the United States being amended to discriminate against a group of citizens has been alternately depressing and angering me. How can this happen? And, perhaps more to the point, who is next? You? Me? Perhaps if you’re old, white, rich and male, you feel pretty safe and self-satisfied in Nazi Germany, sorry, I mean America. Would you ever be barred from being at your loved one’s side in intensive care, or making decisions about their life support? Perhaps…if you’re part of a same-sex couple.

Families are about caring for each other…not about birthing new little lambs for the conservative Christian fold.

This image is for sale from Cafepress. All proceeds will go to, an organization working to stop any constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage.

wrote about being moved to tears about this subject, after reading Orson Scott Card’s two cents on the subject:

“…I didn’t think being an American, with the rights that supposedly entails, meant a great deal to me unil I realized how violated I feel by the idea of the Constitution being amended to deny rights to a select group of Americans. (I regret the use of the word “violated,” which people throw around to describe everything from watching somebody else eat a hamburger to seeing Janet Jackson’s boob on TV, but I honestly can’t think of a better one.) If our President and Congress can even consider amending the Constitution in this manner, then surely nothing else is sacred either. Free speech, the right to vote, the pursuit of happiness — apparently it’s all negotiable when the faggots are at the door.”


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