sad pandaren is sad

I’ve been thinking about cancelling my Warcraft subscription (at least until Cataclysm), and that makes me melancholy. I know that sounds strange, but it’s been home for four years (or is it five?). For a long time I had two subscriptions going, then I went down to one.

Due to deciding that I didn’t want to raid anymore, I’ve fallen out of step with my guild, and feel like a stranger there most of the time. My Horde paladin has a bizarre problem with low framerate and sound stuttering, which makes her unplayable. She’s the only one on the account who is affected…addons, no addons, removing all the usual things, clean install of WoW, nothing helps. Customer service just sends me form letters telling me to delete my WTF and Cache folders and delete addons, which I’ve done. Since she’s the only one that I’m currently playing, it’s a bit frustrating.

I’m currently spending time in Allods, still playing a tiny bit of Star Trek Online, and I’ve re-subscribed to EVE Online, so I think I might cancel temporarily. I don’t know why it should feel like the end of an era…but I’ve made so many friends there, and I have many good memories going all the way back to Vanilla WoW and Molten Core, BWL, and so on.

Perhaps we always feel sad about moving on, and putting old, much-loved toys away in the closet.

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  1. No doubt. I felt like I was abandoning a child when I gave my Amiga 500 to Goodwill a few years ago. So many good memories of gaming on that machine. I also hang onto every game I buy. I still have PS2 games in my game drawer that go to a console I don’t even have hooked up.

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