Sad Day

Well, it happened – our guild has effectively split.  More people left during the day today; we had left last night.  The reaction has been mixed – horror at what what happening from some members, a post on the forums from our guild leader that didn’t really address the actual problem, and quite a snide post from the person who has seemingly ninjaed the guild leader role and responsibilities.

I feel very sorry that all of this came about.  And I’m angry at the same time that one group of people could shut everyone else out to this extent, to the point that the only option is to leave.  What a waste.

But, life goes on.  We hope to be part of starting another guild, one that will be a home again, a new circle of friends.

4 thoughts on “Sad Day”

  1. Hang in there Ravven. The same thing happened to my old guild. I won’t go into the details, but result was that a couple of the good members from the old guild started a new guild and the new guild is better than ever. No drama – just lots of people that like to play and have fun.

    Our biggest drama is over the weekend when we start making fun of gnomes. Damn ankle-biters!

  2. lol, another gnome-hater. Does anyone like them – ever? Actually looks like Blizzard don’t either – as they’re the only race that needs to swim during the Black Morass instance!

  3. As it happens, we’re part of a new guild now, some of the people from the old guild and (hopefully) some new recruits. We ran Sethekk Halls last night and had a blast – so much fun.

    It’s a nice change.

  4. Hi Ravven, I saw your piece that you wrote on Metroblogging Azeroth on female gamers and Blizzard. I wonder if you could help me understand female gamers more. For info, I met my wife on bnet playing starcraft: broodwar and she can normally still kick three people’s asses by herself. Thanks either way, Rom

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