Sad Anniversary

Things are going well. I feel a bit melancholy this morning, as it’s the anniversary of the World Trade Center attacks; there have been memorials all morning on the BBC. In an indirect way, though, I think it brought me here. Many people have said that they began to live more for the moment, and not just let their lives slide by, after the attack. I know that I have certainly changed my life…I am married, living in a country that I am totally in love with, and I’ve started to build a completely new life. It’s wonderful.

Phil is on his second interview this morning, at a local radio station for a copywriting position. They liked the two sample ads that he wrote, and scheduled him to come in again. If he gets it, most of our financial problems will eventually be solved. We need a second car, though, as we won’t be able to commute together.

Once we’re back on our feet, we’ll be able to travel and explore a bit. There is SO much that I want to see! The rest of Europe, of course, but also things that we can do on a weekend here: London again, Stonehenge, Wales, Scotland. When my family comes over I want to see Ireland…I’ll wait, I think, until I can do that with my sisters and my parents. That would be quite a moving experience. (Phil, of course, is very lukewarm on going to Ireland.)

Postscript: I called Phil at lunch, and he got the job! Wonderful, wonderful…we’re going to go out to a pub for dinner tonight and celebrate. I wanted to talk to him longer, but a stout old lady was glaring at me fiercely through the glass. That’s right – it was my first time in one of the old red phoneboxes. :)

We had a minute of silence in the courtyard in memoriam of 9/11; I had tears in my eyes. Now, I’m back at my desk, looking for something to do. (I’m still waiting for internet access here at work. I’m working on what I can, but with no access to the site, there’s not much that I can do. I’ve felt a bit like an orphan.) Ah, well…at least we’re a fully employed family, as of this afternoon!

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