Meetings all day today with the Blue Martini people, and then rushed out to the stable, then home, wolfed porkchops, and then out to fencing…too little time for anything. I inhaled a tuna sandwich in about three seconds sometime mid-day, and could feel it sitting behind my breastbone for ages. It feels good to be so creatively challenged and busy, but I feel as though I’m letting so many things slide right now…LJ, playing with the ferrets, just taking the time to relax and read. But all is well.

I’m off…


  • malaechi

    Well its always good to be wanted and adored.. although work is not the place you appreciate it the most ;)

  • uathsaille

    Hey, to be wanted at work seems pretty great – having come from a job where no one cared! Adored? Let’s hope so – they’ll have to pay me more money! :)

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