Rush rush rush

All updates have been quick and inane recently…or more so than they normally are. There’s just no time anymore, and I am looking forward to life settling down into a new pattern, with free time for things like LJ. Having Lizzie on full livery will be very nice, as it will free up time in the morning to work out and time at night to do things like housework and relax a bit, along with Warcraft and such. I don’t post much at work because there’s just too much to do, and it’s hard switching over to LJ mode.

But things are going well. I hate to say that, as I know it is tempting Fate.

My warlock made level ten last night (after getting killed over and over again) and I now have a Void Walker. :)

6 thoughts on “Rush rush rush”

  1. wandringsoul

    Well – Miss Kamikaze – you HAVE to learn that at level 10 it’s unwise to run towards a group of level 14’s relying solely on your feminine wiles to save you…

    lol… nevermind… aggro management is the hardest thing to get right.

    : )

  2. catwithclaws

    I’m silly.

    I love the fact that Lizzie is going to be ultra-pampered. I believe she requires it in her lovely little marish heart :)

    I also love that you are now WoW addicted too. Heh. Plus, both of you are addicted together which just makes it all better.

    anyhow, any time you mention those two things I just smile. Silly, I know!

  3. Yeah, Lizzie is very thankful, considering that she made a really serious attempt to cow-kick me while I was mucking out tonight. Ungrateful wench. :(

    I admit, I am having a LOT of fun on Warcraft. I can’t explain it…normally games like that would have bored me to tears in short order. I love it.

  4. wandringsoul

    Uh huh – I TOLD you – it has some weird indescribable addictive quality… I’ve played for 12 months now and am not bored… whatever Blizzard did to this game they hit it on the head – perfectly.

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