Running in Place

It’s been ages since I posted. Things are going well, and I’m very much enjoying raiding with Kit. I went back to Beastmastery for a bit because (although I much prefer a MM/Surv spec) there were major mana issues, and I don’t have that problem as a BM hunter. So, until she gets better gear, she’ll keep that spec.

I bring Ravven out for runs that require locks, and I’ll probably start collecting enough badges to get the fire res set that she’ll need to tank on the Leotheras fight. That will be interesting.  :)

The other night I had to drop out of a raid at the last minute because Miz answered my mobile (grrrrrr!!!!) and it was my boss asking if I could do a conference call with potential investors in the States. I can’t raid and talk about the technical aspects of the site at the same time, so I dropped out and Miz took Ravven to SSC. Now, you have to understand that there is basically one place in our house where we can get steady mobile reception, which is close to the front window on the third floor. (We live in those typically English rows of townhouses, where reception tends to be awful.)  No tv,  no raiding,  so I sat and babysat the phone, reading a Stephen King novel…and the call never came through.  *sigh*

But things are going well, both with Top Sekrit Project and the guild, and although I feel as though I’m running in place to keep up, trying to handle too many things, it’s all good right now.  :)

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  1. Hey, you – how are you? I miss you so much! Sorry for not keeping up with things on LJ, I never have time to post or read anymore…barely have time to do it here. I’ll write soon, we need to catch up on things. Hi to J and your Angel. :)

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