Root of All Evil?

We watched an interesting programme last night on Channel 4 called The Root of All Evil?, in which (atheist) Professor Richard Dawkins looked at the harm that organised religion and religious fanatics of all types have caused in the world. It was an extremely interesting programme, and I look forward to the second part.

The programme was fairly balanced overall, aside from a slight tendency to get personally involved in some of the segments (he looked as though he was shaking in anger during the section with the evangelical preacher – although I would have wanted to smack him in the nose, as well). The Jewish boy who had converted to Muslim was the scariest person interviewed, a perfect example of how bigotry, hatred and fundamentalism could destroy our world.

I don’t have a problem with people who have a strong religious faith, whatever the flavour…as long as they do no harm. Harm can being anything from being persecuted for your beliefs, or (conversely) your lack of belief, to wanting to become a suicide bomber. Religion can, and has, killed throughout history and perhaps the world would be better off without it.


Aside from that, I’ve been moving ahead slowly on my project, and have very much enjoyed the chance to ride in the mornings. If I could only find a job that would allow me some flexibility, I would be very happy.

Lizzie is going very well, and had a very hard workout today. I’ll give her a day off tomorrow, and then start working again towards our test on Sunday. Which I’d better DAMN start learning!!! Ack!!!

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