Road to Armadillo

Did anyone else catch the video of the “Road to Armadillo” parody? I was practically in tears. I couldn’t find it online anywhere. (If you didn’t see it, it was a homemade video made by soldiers, presumably in Iraq, parodying the Tony Christie/Peter Kay hit – which has THANKFULLY gone away, as I was sick to death of it.) This was pure class, very funny…and supposedly was responsible for bringing down one of the MOD’s servers, as it was emailed and re-emailed. Not sure if that’s true or not.

In non-armadillo news, the ferret is doing well, after stuffing himself with food and water to make up for obviously doing without for so long. We haven’t had any calls on him, so we’ll probably have to contact a ferret rescue. My farrier was of the opinion that he was a working ferret (which we think, too) that someone put down a rabbit hole and then couldn’t find afterwards. A lot of people who poach rabbits like the albino-coloured ferrets, as they’re easier to find and retrieve than the sable-coloured ones. He’s unfixed, and too aggressive to think about keeping. I can’t risk Beanie getting hurt – he’s a softy, and our special boy.

Anyone want a ferret?

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  1. Thanks – the large version was already taken down, but the smaller one was still there. :)

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