RIP Mr. Filthy

The Filthy Critic is Still Dead
He was killed in a bicycle
collision late on August 7, 2003.

He died the way he lived–wobbling aimlessly in the slow lane.

I hadn’t checked Mr. Filthy’s reviews in a while, and was quite taken aback when I read that. Surely not true…but could it be?

A quick bit of research proved that, as it turns out, the Filthy Critic is dead, but its creator Matt Weatherford is not. He’s going to concentrate on writing screenplays. That’s great, I suppose…he’ll turn out scripts that are hopefully better than a lot of the Hollywood crap out there. But still…I will miss the foul-mouthed, acerbic Mr. Filthy and the other characters: his sweet, retarded cousin Larry, the Harelip and the Arvada Tavern.

Matt Weatherford is a smart, funny guy. Here’s an interview. And best of luck, Mr. F.

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