Right-Wing Idiots

This is exactly why I no longer live in the States. Footage like this (and yes, it is edited to make a point, but there’s plenty of material there to choose from) makes me sad, it makes me horrified, and it makes me angry. These are people who have been spoon-fed a diet of hate, of bigotry, of fear by their government, by the powerful lobbies in the United States, by their churches – all groups with ulterior motives and venal hidden agendas.

This is not my country. I turn my back on this country and these people. My country is a place where hard work and innovation is prized, where people from any background can make a life for themselves. My country is a land of immigrants, a giant melting pot where diversity breeds discovery and a rich culture.

Ok, so it’s also a country of small-minded religious bigots. It’s the land of Fox News. And that makes me very sad.

7 thoughts on “Right-Wing Idiots”

  1. LOL sums everything that is wrong with America. The point in the fil that sums up just what is wrong with America for me was they guy holding the banner with “Joe Wilson for President” on it and then he says he doesn’t support him for President. To be honest I should STFU there is so much wrong with that vision shared by too many people in America that if I say more I risk offending friends.

  2. But no one understands that underneath all of this, America is still a very idealistic country. I feel quite idealistic about it. This is not who we were supposed to be…we’ve lost our way.

    I’d say these people are a minority, but unfortunately I don’t think that’s true. They put George Bush in power, and kept him there. It just bothers me to think that this level of ignorance and hate is fairly common.

    Even my own family will send me racist jokes about Obama. I mean, what the hell? After all these years, do you not know me at all?

  3. I honestly believe these are the death throws of a fading culture. Look at polls of people under 18 and people over 35 on the same issues. Children, by a significant percentage, are not carrying on the same racism and homophobia of their parents.

    We just need to wait for these idiots to die off. But like a wounded animal, they are attacking everything around them as they see their values vanishing.

  4. It’s funny how putting a laser like focus on groups like this makes them seem so much more prevalent than they really are. Fox News is famous for doing that kind of sensationalist reporting. Even in the hills of Virginia where I live, people like this are rare. The vast majority of people I know are fairly accepting individuals on a variety of fronts, especially anyone 45 and under.

  5. Part of the reason it makes me so titchy is that this is a no-go topic of conversation for me with my family. They’re intelligent, good-hearted people, and yet I know my father hates Obama like poison, they’re all very religious Republicans, Bush supporters, and my sister insists on copying me in on her racist Obama jokes. It makes me crazy…and yet to keep the peace I stay quiet, since it will only upset everyone and they will never change.

  6. Yeah, as a European I find the statements of the people in this movie redicilous to say the least. But honestly. Find the uneducated democratic voters in the south (mention the south because of the accent of the people in this video) and show me what hey would answer when confronted with democratic politicians doing the opposite of what is on the poster the hillbilly is carrying. They are no better. And as much as I like laughing at American politics on youtube. (Because let’s face it, they don’t know anything about Europe, and it’s gonna bite them in the ass very soon), this is not just a Republican problem.

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