Rift: the Bermuda Triangle of Queues

First: I had a wonderful weekend playing Rift. My cleric is 24, my rogue Ranger/MM is 15, and I reserved all my favourite names. Happeh bunneh time.

Second: the only way that I was able to play this weekend was basically to not log out. Since I play with a G15 keyboard, it’s a simple matter to create a macro that jumps, waits several minutes, then presses the “s” key, then waits a while…well, you get it. Queues on Blightweald have been exceeding eight hours at peak time, and logging out means that you probably won’t be able to play that night.

I might point out that it is now Monday, and my PC at home is shut down. I won’t be able to play those characters all week. I actually did consider leaving my character logged in…but decided that the risk of fire wasn’t worth it. The house was built in 1900, and still has the gaslight fixtures on the wall in the two computer rooms. God knows when the wiring was done. Fifties? Sixties? The fact that the cretin who wired the hallway ran a bunch of wires up the wall (without routing out a channel in the brick for them), culminating in a truly ugly knot of wiring at the ceiling, with the whole thing papered over as if no one will notice, doesn’t give me confidence in the safety of our electrical wiring. And so, with a heavy heart, I logged out last night knowing that it was for a week. Bugger.

Trion is incurring so much ill will from the server queues, especially since they keep encouraging people to roll on the new servers that they are rolling out. Leave all the work that I’ve put in on the first characters, leave the guild and my friends? This is an option?

I don’t understand why they don’t just offer free server transfers for the headstart, so the servers can sort themselves out a bit. Populations would equalise, and people would stop raging on the forums. Hell, I might vent a little nerdrage tonight, just to work off some steam. They deserve it. It’s not as though they don’t have the capability of transferring characters – pretty much every MMO offers this as a paid service at some point, so they had to have built in the capability of processing those changes. Why not do it now, and keep your fans, well, fans?

I know that I’ll be jonesing like crazy tonight, so I am going to try to get in on Argent, which would have been my first choice for a server anyway. On the first day I reserved my name, and if the queue isn’t too bad there, I might start levelling her.

Funny story that Phil is going to hate me for telling: at one point yesterday afternoon they made an announcement about a new English PvE server, and Phil hopped over to reserve a name…you know, just in case. And then he realised that he had just put himself in the queue for Blightweald…which was over three hours long. He finally made it back in, about two minutes before they brought all the EU servers down. HAHAHAHA…sorry babe, you knew I had to tell that one. :)

2 thoughts on “Rift: the Bermuda Triangle of Queues”

  1. Haha ^^
    If you want to pop over to Argent at any time to play an alt, you’ll be more than welcome :) We set up a guild called Night Watch, some very nice people in there.

  2. That’s great – thank you. Based on the forums, I was going to talk to Skywatch, but when I logged in last night I saw them everywhere, so they may be a bit big. I’ll definitely say hi! I’m on Ravven, of course. :)

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