Rift: Technical Issues

Since the last patch, I’ve been experiencing some distressing problems with Rift. There is a certain location (Trollsbane Caverns) where I was trying to finish up some lower-level quests before I move out of the area to Moonshade Highlands or Doughtlands that causes my PC to spontaneously shut down without warning. Everything is running cool, the graphics card isn’t stressed, but the PC just quits. The troll bit is ok, but as soon as I move to the section of the caves with the elvish types, BOOM the PC shuts down. Quite frustrating.

EDIT: We may have fixed this issue with updated Nvidia drivers – fingers crossed!

There are also a lot of intermittent problems with extremely high lag and disconnects – quite a few guildies were complaining about them last night. Curiously enough, that wasn’t a problem that I had. Go figure. :)

Another issue relates to messages upon login that the client might be corrupt – quite a few people are getting those, as well. I did, ran the repair tool, and haven’t had them since. Phil has had ongoing problems with it. We have considered uninstalling the game and re-downloading it fresh, but if the problem is inherent in the current version of the code, then we would go through a lot of work for nothing.

Hopefully we see a fix for some of these issues soon.

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