Rift Plans

We’re going to be rolling on Blightweald, since Icewatch has been taken over by Russian guilds. I’m going to roll a sneaky alt or two on Argent, because I love RP servers and their communities. And that is basically the plan. Really excited about this weekend…so nice to have something to anticipate again, without that “I’ve played this for five years” ennui.

Personal note that won’t mean anything to anyone outside of family: I’m sending all positive wishes, best thoughts and love to my father today, who this morning starts his first round of chemo, the really nasty stuff. The first time will take eight hours. He is not only the backbone of our  whole family, he is my personal role model. When I think about being strong, independent, and honest I think of my father. If you could see his study you would understand: all of the photos, the framed newspaperarticles, his awards, his Thousand Points of Light plaque for his service to the community while he was with the sheriff’s department. I am honored to have known him, and very lucky to have had him as a father.

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