Rift: Darkening Deeps

Our little group tried a run through Darkening Deeps last night, just for squeaks and giggles. Again, we were only four, and one was probably too low for the instance so we didn’t finish the full run. But it was a nicely-designed instance, not too taxing aside from the somewhat tricky line-of-sight fight on the spider boss (the one where we called it a night, since we obviously needed a full group). And it was quite visually interesting, for a place filled with goblins and spiders – not to mention a Suppression Room -type of run along a long, windy walkway where you need to run out of the concentric circles of blast/fire.

The Michael Bringhurst fight against a werewolf was a lot of fun and we actually wiped on that one, too until we figured out the fight. You need to keep him out of the moonlight in the centre of the cavern to avoid him doing massive damage to the group, and there is an absolutely infuriating fear mechanic. Again, quite well done for a low-level dungeon, tricky in places for newbies, and great fun.

I am trying to enjoy this and not read a lot of guides and min-max spec and rotation breakdowns. The main character that I’m playing, which is a Sentinel/Purifier/Warden, is perhaps not the “best” healing spec out there. But who cares? She is a very capable soloer with a lot of survivability, very little down time, and in groups she is a very good (although slow) single-target healer. There is one AOE heal for emergencies only since it is a huuuuge mana drain. She’s fun, and I think I’ve found my main class for launch.

Enjoy the journey…there is a lot to see along the way. :)

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