Rift: A Lack of Dimension

This last weekend was a bank holiday in the UK, which meant three uninterrupted days of gaming. Of course, I did have my yearly brainfart moment which finds me watching TV and seeing coverage of the book festival at Hay-On-Wye, which I forget every damn year until I see it on the news. It was too late, and we’re too short on money to just go on short notice this year. Next year, I swear.

I’ve gotten back into Rift in a big way and this weekend I spent hours try to build a dimension (in-game character housing). My house really sucks. I’ve always thought that I had a certain amount of artistic talent, and certain sense of aesthetics in relation to visual design, but those talents definitely do not translate to 3D design. My walls are wonky and I spend ages building loft platforms only to realise that I haven’t left any space for stairs to reach them. I can take a gorgeous starting environment and turn it into a tarpaper shanty in a matter of hours, which is quite disappointing.

Here’s an example of someone who has some actual skillz in 3D environment design. This house is not mine.


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