Yaay, Phil found my MP3 – with a little help from Livejournal UK. :) I’m doing a Flash animation to it.

I always loved this CD. (Actually, the version I had was on tape.) The songs were very funny, and on a deeper level I related to it because of the isolation I always felt with my family at the holidays. I’m pagan (ok, ex-Catholic half-assed pagan, but still not religious), although I’m not a lesbian, I live a lifestyle that my family would never understand, and as the black sheep of the family I was always a bit separate. These are songs about trying to be accepted into a “normal” family who should love you anyway but rarely do, and also celebrating the unique being that you are, despite the massive amount of marketing and merchandising around you that keeps stressing normal/heterosexual/childbearing/consumer lifestyles as ideal. If you ever get a chance to listen to the others on the album (which are not a raucous as this one!) I think you’d enjoy it – whatever your sexual persuasion.

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