Returning to War


I had a lot of fun this weekend on Warhammer. I have to say, this is one of the most fun MMOs that I have ever played…as long as there are enough people playing. Just after launch, awesome – always people doing PQs and having fun. Afterwards, not so much. Right now, during the free week for ex-subscribers, tons of people. After this week is up…not so much.

I logged in to find that my two main characters were somehow still in the guild, and logged out. (I’m so anti-social, it’s pathetic.) My Order characters on the roleplay server were missing…as was the server. As a matter of fact, there weren’t any RP servers listed, which was very strange. Perhaps deliberately excluded from the free week? I couldn’t find anything on the net about it.

I started two characters that I had never tried before: Skizzer, a Squigherder, and Lyrikal, a Knight of the Blazing Sun. Skizzer was fun, very much like a hunter. The tanky Lyrikal was fun as well – like any tank class, she didn’t kill things very fast, but she was hard to kill.

Mainly, I just did a lot of pvp – I love pvp in Warhammer, much moreso than in Warcraft (perhaps because there doesn’t seem to be a class with a stunlock, a very good thing in my book).

Would I resubscribe? I probably would if I could be guaranteed a busy server. If it went back to the levels it was when I un-subscribed, then no. It’s no fun doing PQs on your own, and everything was dead. It’s a shame…because this game is actually tons of fun.

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