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This was very funny, courtesy of . :)

This morning I went out to get Kip in and he was obviously having a lie-in. I poked him, pulled on his halter, smacked him on the butt, sat on him, danced around him waving my arms like someone doing a very inept voodoo dance, and then finally took my gilet off and flung it over his head. He got up, shook it off, and then trotted off, obviously very offended. It was ages before he let me catch him again. lol…

I tried, one last time, to try Lizzie out in the big pasture. I sedated her with the ACP that the vet had given me, and even with that…I couldn’t even get her out to the pasture, much less in it. She was so panicked, knowing where I was taking her, that she reared and jumped in place, trying to pull away from me and run back. The only way I hung onto her on the way back to the stable was by putting the leadrope through her mouth and the opposite halter ring, and then going back in a series of spirals. She was dripping with sweat when we got back.

*sigh* I’m not going to be able to turn her out, which is going to be a disaster. :( I wish I knew what, if anything, was going through her head. We need a horse whisperer.

This afternoon I’ve been consoling myself with some retail therapy, courtesy of eBay. Look at this carved wooden bar:

I love anything huge, heavily carved, and old looking. Phil says its because I’m American and have no taste. Could be, could be. :)

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  1. I went to school in Britain, where everything in furniture was huge, heavy, and old looking. That bar is gorgeous.

  2. I totally agree with Perseus. That bar is GORGEOUS! I think it’s Phil that has no taste *giggle*.

  3. Isn’t it great? That one was expensive, but I’ve found lovely, ornate Victorian fireplaces for practically nothing, inlaid chests from India, etc., that I really want to get. Plus, I want a heavy, leather Chesterfield-type overstuffed chair for the upstairs library/computer room. :) I love eBay.

  4. He thinks I like this stuff because it’s old and “quaint”. Whereas, in reality, I want this massive furniture for the castle or renovated chapel that I will someday own. :)

  5. We’re wanting to set up our dining room to look like [what we think of as] an English Pub.

    That bar would help…

  6. I actually didn’t say she had no taste, I said ‘just because something’s old and worn out doesn’t make it an attractive piece of furniture!’ I see a difference : )

    The bar is attractive – but I expressed my reservations at having a large carved wooden (oh and EXPENSIVE) chunk of Victorian bar in a house that isn’t exactle mansion-esque…

    Nor was I overwhelmed by the very attractive bed that was 2 inches shorter than I am…

    : )

  7. The day you own a castle will be the day you also stop looking on ebay for furniture…

    …you’ll have the butler do it for you.

  8. A heay, leather Chesterfield that will go up the 2nd flight of stairs – the narrow ones with the 90 degree corner in them?

  9. It’s very much a “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” thing. I’ve seen some furniture that I think is positively hideous, but somebody else thinks is perfect. I happen to adore old, heavy, carved medieval antiques that would fit nicely into a castle decor. And I despise the “modern” plastic and chrome type stuff… give me real wood and iron! But that’s me. My brother is pretty much the opposite. And just because I like the heavy stuff doesn’t mean I have room for it in my apartment… :(

    Yes, that bedframe was attractive, wasn’t it? Too short is too short, no matter how pretty. I like to sleep with my feet hanging over the edge of the bed, so I tend to not do well with foot-boards anyway.

    So what IS your taste in furniture?

  10. Oh – don’t get me wrong, I’m a traditionalist – I love old wood, dark wood…carved…but not quite so over-the-top ornate, I like carvings, but not when something’s been ‘over-carved’ if that makes sense!

    I’d love a big old place that could house such furniture…and don’t get me wrong, our house isn’t tiny, but it’s not big enough for these huge lumps of oak… : ) I’m not into the plastics and minimalist furniture at all…

    As for sleeping, I’m odd – I can’t bear having my feet outside the covers, unless it’s really hot – I have to have the duvet tucked into the gap between mattress and footboard on our bed, as it’s ‘just long enough’. The California King-size I had in the states was wonderful, great wide thing and long enough for the duvet to lie flat on, knowing my feet weren’t going to stick out…

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