Retail Therapy

I was browsing for unmentionable items on eBay, and I just had to laugh at their “Weird Stuff” categories:

Totally Bizarre (5930)
Really Weird (1309)
Unusual (1259)
Slightly Unusual (1001)
Rather Strange (577)
Not That Odd (453)

The “Totally Bizarre” category was disappointing, as it included a lot of poster art, including one of two fluffy kittens asleep in a hammock. Oooh, now that’s bizarre.

I went shopping yesterday, which in our town basically means old-lady or young chav styles. I picked up some fuckoff spike-heeled/buckled boots for Monday. Walking shoes. lol…

Lizzie was in a mood today and came close to kicking me twice: once in the head when I turned her out in the arena, and then she tried to cow-kick me in the stable. She’s such a nasty little madam sometimes.

I found a nice black rubber fetish-style dress. Yum. Although I don’t find the idea of rubber sexy (leather is much sexier), you just can’t beat the feel of it…there’s nothing quite like soft, stretchy rubber. :)

Ok, we’re getting into too much information territory.

3 thoughts on “Retail Therapy”

  1. No link for the dress? I like the feel of rubber over leather, but I love the smell of leather.

  2. you’re lucky I’m not reading this at work, cuz I wouldn’t be able to get up and walk to my meeting! hehe

    maybe you need a special TMI journal just for these sorts of posts :).

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