Well, for better or for worse, this is the new haircolour. I don’t have all of the straightening preparations that the hairstylist used when he cut it, so it’s very fluffy, but when I get paid I’ll pick some up. It’s VERY different…but I think I like it. :) At least I can wear red, now – it clashes so badly with red hair.

This was a very good, very relaxing weekend, although I’m not looking forward to work on Monday. Back to the same situations, but hopefully more at peace now. This will be a tough time, but I think Phil and I will have the chance to get through this and be friends at the end. I hope so, anyway…he’s my favourite person, and I always have a lot of fun with him. He’s seen sides of me that no one else has (or ever will). I regret all of this so much…but we both made our choices.

Enough. I think I’m over the worst, had-to-post-in-the-blog-every-five-minutes stage (using it in lieu of someone to talk to, I suppose, since I’m so far away from everyone), and I can move on now. I’m tired of being so unhappy…life is definitely too short.

And Phil, if you still care to read this (even if it’s just to see if I’ve written about you)…thank you for playing hairstylist yesterday. That was VERY sweet. :)

8 thoughts on “Results”

  1. Hi Monica, the hair looks fantastic :-). If you ever need to talk remember we’re always here. Hope everything works out. love Debbie

  2. Sort of wandered in here through a friends journal to a community to here and just.. wow.. LOVE the hair.. well and the eyes.. and the nose.. the smile/smirk.. er.. anyhow I’ll go back under my rock now but I really do think the hair is great…

  3. Thanks, Deb – I really appreciate it. I feel as though I’ve been whining a lot recently, but I think things are better. I always go through extremes, up and down.

  4. I’m so touched…no one’s ever said that they liked my nose before. lol…thank you very much. Compliments are VERY much appreciated. ;)

  5. wandringsoul

    I did have fun playing hairstylist – it was great, and you carry off every look so well, from classy to goth, you always look hot!

  6. Well then I’m glad I could beak new ground as far as the compliments go. :) I am sure I could find more where these have come from. ;)

  7. The hair is as gorgeous as it’s owner. The thing about red and red hair? I wear red. Is that bad? My wedding dress was red… (wondering if I’ve made a serious fashion faux pas).


    I’m glad to hear that things are calming down a bit. I hope it only continues to improve.

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