I think it’s important to make resolutions, even if they are rarely kept.  The new year gives us the opportunity to reflect on what we’ve done, and (more importantly) everything that we haven’t done, and try to make some changes for the better.  That said, here are my New Year Resolutions…which are probably the same as last years.  ;)

  1. I need to start working Lizzie a lot more, and get us both fit and happy.  If I don’t have the time to ride, I need to sell her, as keeping her where she is is an enormous expense.
  2. I need to look for another job, as I fear the company that I am presently working for has no idea how to market and sell the site that we have completed…and so it is bound to fail.
  3. I want to be fit and healthy.
  4. I want to travel this year.  I say that every year, but we never do. I am living a hop-and-skip away from the rest of Europe, and I want to take advantage of that.  I want to go to Ireland.
  5. I want to complete the needed work on the house, so we can feel more at home there.
  6. I want to have more romantic moments with the one that I love.

That’s it.  That’s enough for now.

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