pamplonaI’m like a lot of people in that I always make New Years resolutions which last for…days. I do it every year, so they don’t really mean anything.

This summer, however, is my *gasp* 49th birthday. One year until Doomsday. (Normally, when I’m asked for my age on guild apps, etc., I use my standard response: “Younger than Madonna, older than your Mom. But cuter.” Sometimes, however, you need to actually say it out loud, however much it hurts.

What I want to do is make some resolutions for the year before my 50th. This will be my gap year. And they are (so far):

1. I want to learn a martial art. I’m partial towards Aikido, but will settle for karate.

2. I want to finally write that children’s book that I’ve been talking about.

3. I want to do something mad, something survival-based. I’d been thinking about a survival holiday (arctic, jungle, etc.) but it may be something as simple (and stupid) as the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona. Something symbolic. Morocco is another possibility…a non-touristy holiday in a place not entirely safe, no Western hotels, no tour guides.

Silly?  Probably. But I think it’s good to do some stupid things, some dangerous things occasionally during your life. And remember…you don’t need to be the fastest one. You just need to be faster than the slowest guy.  :D

4. I want to find another project similar to Top Sekrit Projekt – and I want to make it work this time. I may never have another chance…but I desperately want to point at something and be able to say “I made this”.

I don’t want to stop gaming, or reading, or any of the other escapist pursuits that matter so much to me. But I want to balance that with living as well, and I feel that I’ve been just surviving, rather than dynamically living.

I’ll add more. But I think that is a good start. :)

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  1. I can honestly say I had no idea you were older than I was. Or, at most, a year or two.

    So, you’re doing something right.

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