It’s been a very good trip. Seeing all the family was wonderful – I have missed everyone so much. I spent some time with my neice Kayla yesterday; she’d been on a school trip to New York and Washington, DC. She’s grown up so much! She’s fourteen, model-beautiful, and will probably make six feet tall by the time she’s finished. She is planning on getting an athletic scholarship to university, and afterwards playing pro basketball for a few years. We sat on the computer all afternoon, playing with her Cosmopolitan software (dressing up webcam pics with different hairstyles). It was fun.

Tomorrow I’ll have a chance to see and . I’ve missed you two so much! Looking forward to it. And then to the airport and home, hopefully without any connecting-flight problems that will keep me from making my flight back to the UK.

Can’t wait to see you, babe. :)


  • wandringsoul

    That would be owlslight and jnight…lol

    I’m hoping upon hope you get your flights and time-zones right on the return, I can’t wait too!

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