Really, I’d never tell anyone this, but…

A section of the textured paper on the ceiling of our lovely Victorian-whorehouse bathroom has recently started to loosen up from the damp, just over the shower stall. Phil has promised to taken time from his Warcraft addiction to fix it, but hasn’t yet…and it’s gotten looser and looser.

Today I was taking a shower, and something caught my eye, directly above me. Movement? The gap underneath the paper was wider, and it looked very dark in there. I tried to concentrate on my shower, hurrying through my shampoo, trying not to think of movies where the girl is helpless, naked and blind in the shower when she is attacked.

The gap is definitely bigger.

I kept thinking of those Japanese horror films where the surreal snakey, dark hair spreads across the ceiling, a la The Grudge. Looked up – no hair. But the gap looked wider. Thought about just ripping the damn thing off, but then I had a Ju-On moment, quick flash of the girl climbing up into the closet to see what the noise in the attic was, and seeing the white face before she’s ripped upwards through the trapdoor. Gah.

If the strip of wallpaper would have come loose entirely, I most likely would have spontaneously levitated for several seconds before falling stone dead of a heart attack.

So, Phil, when you come to bed tonight and realise that I haven’t shaved my legs, you’ll know why. I was too frightened.

3 thoughts on “Really, I’d never tell anyone this, but…”

  1. A couple of years ago I was lying awake in bed and got this unexpected idea in my head that there was a body under the bath … eventually I couldn’t lie there any more so got out and put all the lights on and took the side panels off the bath.

    I so know where you are coming from with this post.

    Phil … do your manly duty and sort out the wallpaper!

  2. Good – I’m not quite so embarrassed now. :) I remember a quote from the afore-mentioned Stephen King where he said something like “As an adult I know that there’s nothing waiting underneath my bed. I also know that if I jump into bed and keep my feet under the sheet it won’t be able to grab me.” I’ve always had that duality of belief…of course there’s nothing there. On the other hand, though…

  3. I hate showering when I am alone in the house. I am convinced I will be electrocuted. I know it is irrational but I still think it. I did get a spider in my hair once, I felt a lump as I was shampooing and picked it out to discover it was a rather large dead spider. I think the steam must of dislodged it from the ceiling.

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